TrueVoIP Standard Features

Every standard feature is included, whether you’re one user or a thousand.  Make sure and check out the Coming Soon section at the bottom to see what we have in the works!

Auto Attendant

Allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension/department without the intervention of an operator/receptionist.

Number Porting

Keep your current telephone numbers when changing service to TrueVoIP with no down time.

Call Park

This feature uses one of your busy lamp field buttons to give each phone a personal “parking” spot where a waiting call can be placed.

Group Paging

Make one-way announcements through all your IP phones, or create groups and page only certain departments.

Group Pickup

Group Pickup allows you to “steal” a call that is currently ringing on another device.

Easy Web Based Administration

Make changes easily with our Easy Web Based Administration. No need to call a professional phone guy to change a voicemail password or change an after hours message!

Extension Dialing

Call fellow employees with a short extension instead of a 7-digit phone number, whether they are upstairs or across the country.

Unlimited Calling

No small print here at TrueVoIP. When we say unlimited calling to the US and Canada, we mean it.

Caller ID

Screen your calls easily with caller ID.


Retrieve voicemail directly from your desk phone, remotely, web portal, or email.


Fax inbound and outbound from your email. You no longer need an old school fax machine.

Conference Bridges

This feature allows you to have multiple callers on one call by dialing into a virtual meeting room from any phone, including those not on your system. For most systems, a conference bridge is an add-on feature that costs thousands of dollars.


This is a view of the phone status of your office mates. This will help keep you from calling them while they are on another call.

Music On Hold

Record a message or play music to played while a caller is on hold. No more more silence.

3-Way Calling

Sometimes conversations just need a third person, we make it possible.

Call Waiting

Don’t miss other calls coming in.

Do Not Disturb

Silence your phone while you get some work done.

Voicemail to Email

Listen to your messages on the go from your mobile email.

Ring Groups

Create a single extension number that you can dial in order to ring multiple extensions at the same time.

Call Forwarding

Out of the office for a couple hours? Forward calls to your mobile! Enable call forwarding from your desk phone or remotely from the web portal.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls easily to your office mates or even to external phone numbers.


The intercom feature allows you to dial a phone and have the phone automatically go off-hook into speakerphone mode. This is useful for announcing callers or paging individuals who may not be near their phone.

Dial By Name Directory

Have an option for callers to find your employees and get transferred directly to them through the directory.

TrueVoIP Add On Features

While standard features are included for every user, TrueVoIP also offers some additional solutions to suit more specific needs.  These features are completely optional.  If you’re interested, please contact us using the form below for more information.

Domestic Phone Numbers ($)

May be limited according to geographical area.

Toll Free Phone Numbers ($)

No longer a need to pay extra for incoming calls through your toll free number.

ACD/Call Queuing ($)

Call queuing and advanced statistics for call centers.

Operator Console (Now in BETA!) ($)

Easily route and manage calls for an entire organization, as well as quickly see the status of other users all from an easy to use web based console.

Coming Soon

The following is a list of great new features we are currently either working on or testing internally.  Check back or send us a note for more details.

International Phone Numbers ($)

This will allow us to get phone numbers for your offices in other countries as well, not just your US Office.

Call Recording ($)

Call recording is great for training in sales and customer service.

Desktop Softphones

There are many 3rd party softphones out there, but we are looking to offer one that we want to put our name on.

$ – Please note there may be an additional setup and/or monthly fee for this product or service.

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