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How easy is the Hosted PBX to set up?

TrueVoIP Hosted PBX uses an extremely simple drag and drop interface. It makes even the most complicated call flows easy breezy.

Can I interconnect multiple offices?

Please do! TrueVoIP Hosted PBX allows your users to be anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Yes, seriously.

Can I make international calls?

Yes. Rates to other countries are very affordable.

How scalable is your system?

Hosted Phone Systems are famous for their scalability. TrueVoIP Hosted PBX is a system for all types of business environments, even the ones with crazy configurations. The system is very capable of scaling alongside your business as it grows. Proprietary systems require expensive modules to be purchased to add extensions, phone lines, and features. When you are a TrueVoIP Hosted PBX customer, you simply plug in more phones, configure the phone on the system, and your new phone is ready to use! It really is that simple.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Yes. It will take anywhere from 1-4 weeks for the number to “port” over to us. Timing will depend on your current carrier.

Why use VoIP?

There are lots of great advantages to using VoIP. The biggest of them all? Cost savings. Calls made over the Internet are significantly cheaper than landline provider rates. Calls are clear, crisp, and are indistinguishable from landlines. Calls can also be made from one VoIP extension to another (regardless of geographic location) for free. VoIP phone service is up to 80% less than your current phone service today. Therefore, it is easy to switch to a brand new TrueVoIP Hosted Phone System (ours comes with unlimited calling) for about the same price you are paying your current phone service provider.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, (VoIP) is the transmission of voice traffic through data networks (the internet).

What is Hosted PBX?

TrueVoIP Hosted PBX is an Enterprise IP phone system, with small business pricing. It comes standard with tons of essential business features which can be customized and utilized without additional costs or fees. Our Hosted PBX is very flexible because it is hosted in the cloud. This means less on site equipment headaches for you!

What happens if my Internet is too slow?

In the event that your Internet connection is too slow to maintain your active concurrent calls, call quality may become choppy or in some cases your call may even disconnect.  Please check with your IT department and Internet Service Provider if necessary to ensure that you are allocating enough Internet bandwidth to your TrueVoIP service to handle your active concurrent calls.

How fast does my Internet need to be?

TrueVoIP employs multiple audio quality codecs to ensure the highest quality communications available.  Under standard usage, your connection to the TrueVoIP cloud should maintain a minimum of 88Kbps per concurrent call.  For example, if you plan to have 5 users or calls at any given time, you should work with your Internet Service Provider to make sure you have at least 440Kbps of upstream and downstream bandwidth always available.

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